Ego Problems

How to Get Rid of your Ego

How to Control your Ego

  • How many times have you started a fight to satisfy your ego?
  • How many times have you become angry just because people didn’t treat you the way you think you deserve?
  • How many times have you felt bad just because you were not as successful as you think you should be?
  • How many times have you become depressed just because you weren’t able to reach the goals that your ego was demanding?

Some people live their whole lives fighting for the sake of satisfying their inflated egos. Each of us feels worthy in a way or another, even those who feel inferior, But the problem happens when this sense of self-worth becomes exaggerated to the extent that it leads the person to a life full of suffering and pain.

The Skyscraper

Why do you think some companies have buildings that are close to skyscrapers in their length? Do they need all of this space? Some companies need it while others need such tall buildings to satisfy the inflated ego of the owners!!

The sky scrapper here is just a symbol that reflects the demands of the person’s Ego. We all build skyscrapers but in different forms. Some of us become leaders; others seek financial success, while others start wars to satisfy their egos’ needs.

Your Ego and depression

Do all people succeed in building their skyscrapers? Of course not, and that’s why some people end up depressed. If your achievements were not significant enough to satisfy your ego demands, then you will undoubtedly end up depressed.

This depression’s severity will depend mainly on the perceived difference between your ego-driven ambition and your current achievements.

Your Ego and relationships

Some people remain unsatisfied with their relationships yet fail to get out of them to protect their egos.

Ego issues prevent a person from getting over someone for a very long period.

In such a case, the person’s ego is hurt because he was dumped, and then he incorrectly thinks he is feeling bad after the breakup because he was in love rather than realizing that it’s all about his ego! In such a case, the breakup’s recovery is directly dependent on the person’s ability to let go of his ego.

How to let go of the Ego?

You are the only one that could change this. While believing in yourself is important; never underestimate anyone else.

  1. Accept all your mistakes. You are a human being after all.
  2. Do not be afraid of looking silly. We all do dumb things from time to time.
  3. You are not the best.
  4. Stop bragging about your accomplishments.
  5. Be thankful for the little things you have

Change your line of thoughts, and respect every person you know. Maybe you were granted additional privileges that were not available for someone else, which helped you reach where you are today.

Love everyone, and you will be loved back in return.

Respect everyone, and you will be respected 100x times more.

Set your ego aside for good!

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