How your Thoughts Affect your Reality

Have you seen the movie “The Night Rises”?
If you didn’t see it, let me give you a quick brief about the video you are about to see.

Bruce, who acts as batman, was thrown inside a prison. This prison is buried underground in the desert. People inside the prison could see sunlight through a big hole.

So many people attempted to climb through the hole, but they all failed. There was just one success story of a small child who managed to escape through that hole long ago.

Bruce kept trying and trying to climb out, but he failed as well. The next video shows what happened during his last two attempts:

How your thoughts affect your reality

Even though this is just a movie, there a vital lesson to learn from that scene, those prisoners who lived for tens of years inside the prison could have made it long ago if they believed it was possible.

Had any of them kept trying and trying, he would have discovered the right way to do it and managed to climb up. Bruce discovered that the right way to do it was to jump without the rope because the intense fear of dying would fuel his body with adrenaline, and so he would be able to jump higher.

It’s the same thing that happens in our real life when it comes to success. Most people believe that many things are impossible until someone does them. And when someone takes that step, so many people follow him months later.

If you are into sports, you will discover that usually, after a new record is broken, so many people follow and break it. It’s as if people need first to believe that something is possible before they can make it.

The second important conclusion you should have made is that you get close to figuring out how you can make it as you keep trying and trying. Each attempt gives you new insights and teaches you how you can do it correctly.

Your life is the product of your thoughts

  • How many things do you believe you can’t do?
  • How will your life be like if those beliefs changed?
  • Do you understand that it takes hours and hours of practice before you can do something successfully?
  • Do you know that you might fail so many times before you can make it?
  • Do you know that you won’t discover how it works before you fail few times?

Every limitation you have now in your life is coming directly from your thoughts. As soon as you change those thoughts and believe you can really make it, you will see life from a different angle, and you will make it.

What happens when you believe you can is that you try more, work harder, and put in the extra effort. This is why those who believe in themselves make it.

It’s not because believing in yourself does magic, but it’s because those who believe in themselves usually make the needed effort.

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