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Why do Some People Swear all the Time?

  • Why do people swear and curse?
  • Is swearing related to people’s personalities?
  • Or is it something that all people do?

Sometimes we get charged by emotional energy as a result of the situations we go through. This extra energy usually motivates us to take certain actions to maintain our mental stability.

Getting Mad at someone is one example of the release of the energy of anger. Swearing works almost the same way as your mind considers it a method to get rid of extra energy, whether it’s positive or negative.

People don’t just swear when they get charged with bad emotions, but they also swear to express happiness and excitement. Think of swearing as a method the mind uses to retain balance by releasing the extra energy we acquire throughout the day.

Pain endurance and swearing

In one study, people were divided into two groups then asked to put their hands in freezing water. One group was asked to keep swearing then the time each group took before they couldn’t stand keeping their hands in the water was reordered.

It was found that almost two-thirds of the group who did swear managed to keep their hands in the water for a longer period of time than those who didn’t swear.

In other words, swearing was found to make the pain more bearable. This is another reason why people swear. It’s because emotional pain can be eased by swearing.

A study has found that rejection activates the same brain areas in the brain associated with physical pain, and this is why people who swear when they get emotionally distressed report feeling better.

Why do some people swear all the time?

All of the previous facts apply to people who swear once every while, but why are there people who swear and curse all the time?

  • 1) They are charged with negativity all the time: The person who lives in continuous stress, who is angry at the world, and the one who is always emotionally distressed will always have extra negative energy that he wants to get rid of, and that’s why he keeps swearing all the time.
  • 2) To get an identity: Some people engage in bad behavior such as swearing because they want to get a certain identity. Some guys want to appear like bad boys; some women want to appear less fragile, while some men want to appear tougher. All of these needs can motivate people to swear and curse, believing that such an action can help them meet these goals
  • 3) To protect themselves: The ones who got hurt the most are usually the ones who push people away the most. Some people want to protect themselves from others by keeping a distance. Those people might become cold, unfriendly, bullies, or sometimes swear a lot to scare people away.

Is swearing a good thing?


Using certain words repeatedly can change your brain structure and thus affect your mood in a bad way.

In other words, while swearing can provide temporary relief, the use of negative words can cause serious damage to your brain and life that outweighs any relief you might get.

One got the idea to get over this problem to swear using words that have no meaning or rhyme with swearing words. This almost has the same effect as swearing using popular words.

“What the Hen” can have the same effect as “what the hell,” and yet it has no psychological side effects.

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