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Body Language: Understanding the “Hands in Pocket”

According to body language, when someone becomes unsatisfied with his self-image, he will put his hands in his pockets. Suppose that you didn’t find any clothes to wear one day and had to hang out with your friends wearing an old shirt that doesn’t suit you anymore.

If a stranger accompanied you on this outing, then most probably you will find that your hand is in your pocket most of the time. Generally, people put their hands in their pockets when they feel unsatisfied with their looks, clothes, or actions.

But why do people put their hands in their pockets?

The subconscious mind, which thinks in a primitive way, believes that putting your hands in your pockets is a good way to hide and avoid the situation.

Putting the hands in a pocket is sometimes associated with lying but beware not to consider someone a liar just because his hands are in his pocket. It would help if you had more signs to confirm whether someone is lying or not

The concept is the same for lying; the person feels in need to hide because he is not telling the truth, but this only happens when the person thinks that lying is bad.

If someone always puts his hands in his pockets, this person might lack self-confidence because he always feels uncomfortable around other people.

Use your mind

It makes a lot of sense to use your mind before judging people not to get incorrect results. Sometimes a person might put his hands in his pocket because he feels cold.

Keep your eyes open for the other variables involved while analyzing the body language of the people you are talking to.

Its also extremely to analyze the gesture in the context of the situation. For example, if a person moved his hands inside his pockets after being asked a certain question, make sure that this new gesturerespondede to this question he was just asked.

In short, use your mind to get accurate readings.

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