Bad Mood

Why do I Feel Bad?

Without really understanding the reason behind this phenomenon, most individuals feel awkward from time to time.

While experiencing times where you feel bad without reason is weird, it becomes a big issue if this often happens without knowing the cause.

Suppose you were working at a particular company and you arrived at your office 2 hours late, and then your manager gave you a warning when he caught you sneaking and warned you that you should never do that again.

What if you were 3 hours late the next day and your manager caught you again then?

This time, what will be his response?

He’ll most likely give you a more prominent warning, and maybe he’ll even lay you off.

But what does this example have to do with the bad emotions that we feel? There is a great deal of similarity between the two cases because bad feelings are also warnings, but in this case, your mind is the one that sends them.

Why are we feeling bad?

When your mind discovers that something is going wrong, it sends you a certain warning in the form of bad feelings so that you take action; but if you ignore your issue, the level of warning will increase, and the intensity of bad feelings will increase.

In the first instance, bad feelings are the same as the warnings your manager gave you, and they also increase as long as the issue that caused the warning gets bigger.

Suppose you were obese and had a poor image of yourself. The warning will come in the form of guilt and bad feelings each time you binge.

The intensity of the bad feelings would increase if you kept doing it repeatedly until your mind finds no other way to stop you but to send the strongest warning signal it can send, which is depression!!

Due to the accumulation of certain problems without trying to fix them, depression can be nothing more than a signal sent to you by your mind.

Why don’t people feel happy?

Unfortunately, some people have bad habits, which use quick fixes instead of responding to the signals to deal with their bad emotions. Suppose you started drinking after your manager yelled at you in the previous example!!

Of course, this could make you forget about the issues for a temporary period, but the consequences of this quick fix could allow you to lose your job.

Some individuals create bad habits; others try to travel or do something new. In the end, however, these can only be referred to as temporary fixes and not permanent solutions, and that’s why these individuals never experience true happiness.

Only when you respond to the signals sent to you by your mind by solving your problems can real happiness be found.

Ignore the signals, and their intensity will rise until you feel so down or react to them and try to fix the issues, and you will feel great.

How to assess the reason why you feel bad

If you feel bad without reason or without knowing why then one of the following problems might be the cause:

Emotions are message

One essential aspect of emotions that you need to be conscious of is that emotions are just messages that your mind sends to you to motivate you to take some action. If you’re feeling bad, then it’s time to ask your subconscious mind for attention.


Sensitive people are subject to mood swings and various bad moods they can not comprehend. Also, over-sensitive people have more empathy than others; when they find themselves around someone who feels bad or needs help, this empathy can sometimes make them feel bad.

Lack of serotonin

The hormone is called serotonin, which regulates the mood that makes you feel good. Bad moods can result from a lack of serotonin in your blood. By exercising, eating carbohydrates, and getting exposed to sunlight, serotonin levels can be increased.

Identify the big problems.

Know that there are usually one or two big problems that can be responsible for your bad mood because of the many issues you have, and the rest are just minimal problems that seem big. Know that you must clearly identify the major issues that make you feel down while putting aside the small problems. You can easily move towards fixing them once you know the big ones, and the small ones will disappear.

Depression and problems that are unsolved

It can be the primary source of depression to ignore your issues and allow them to accumulate.

Some people face issues as soon as they encounter them, while others bury them deeply in their subconscious minds or throw them behind their backs. Their subconscious minds usually respond with bad whims and depression when they do so.

That’s why the most significant step towards dealing with depression and feeling good is to understand the real reasons that cause your bad mood.

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