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What is Arrogance and What Causes Arrogrance?

Arrogance Explained

I am pretty sure that you’ve met a person who thinks that he is always right, who acts as if he is superior to other people, and who believes that he is better than other people. This is what we call an arrogant person.

Arrogance is a double-edged sword, it can help you attract a few fans, but on the other hand, it will fill the hearts of other people who surround you with hatred. After all, no one likes someone to treat him arrogantly.

Arrogance Vs. Over-confidence

If I asked you whether you can walk a few meters, then turn around and walk back to where you were standing, will you be able to do it? Of course, you will because you did it hundreds of times before.

This is precisely how self-confidence is built: going through the same experience many times until we master it. When we do something many times, we tend to become confident about doing it.

What if you managed to succeed in doing something that others usually fail to do? For example, An entrepreneur who starts a small company then successfully expands and develops it until it becomes a resounding success. A profitable enterprise will feel that it has done something that most people can’t do.

This person might end up being arrogant, and he may even start to think that his business ideas are perfect and that he is invulnerable to external business threats. Self-confidence is about knowing your strengths and weaknesses, while arrogance is about thinking that you are invincible.

Arrogance and Inferiority Complex

Sometimes the real reason for acting arrogantly is to hide one’s feeling of inferiority. A person who tries to give the impression that he’s invincible may be hiding some vulnerability that he is suffering from. If someone claims that he is a normal human being who can do some good things, then it’s OK. Still, if someone claims that he is superhuman, he probably feels exactly the opposite and is trying to compensate for it by appearing superior.

Religion and Arrogance

In most religions, arrogance is considered a spiritual disease because merely thinking that you are superior means that you claim that you are the only one responsible for your success and implicitly deny God’s role.

I find this quite convincing because if someone believed that all the power he has been given is just a gift from God, he wouldn’t feel that he is above everyone else.

Dealing with the Arrogant Person

If you want to get along with an arrogant person, make him feel that he is essential and will like you. After all, the arrogant person wants nothing more than to be respected. On the other hand, if you’re going to annoy him, then ignore him. Please don’t call him by name and don’t pay attention when he talks.

Impressing an arrogant person is very simple. Just convince him that you can do something important to him better than him, and he will become impressed.

You can make narcissists, and arrogant people fall in love with you by making them believe that you are superior to them. When you make those people think that you are more powerful than them, they will stick to you like your shadow.

Arrogance and Knowing Your Strengths

The arrogant person always forces people to hate him eventually. Instead of showing off his superiority and attracting more friends to him, he loses more and more people because of his attitude.

If you feel that you are good at something, that’s great but know that you are still a human being with many weaknesses. Knowing only your points of strength will make you arrogant. Knowing only your weaknesses will make you feel worthless, while Know both of them will make you a genuinely confident person.

Controlled Arrogance

Being Arrogant is a bad thing, but still, you can show off a great deal without making people hate you. People hate it when someone tells them something like, “Hey am great, am perfect, look at what I have got,” but on the other hand, people like to discover useful things about you without being told.

For example, if you have a nice car, then speaking about it often may make you lose your popularity. Just be humble and let people discover it by coincidence, and they will admire you.

In brief, Speak about yourself directly, and people will dislike you, be an ordinary person and people might not care about you or be humble and let them accidentally discover useful things about you, and they will like you ;)

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