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Body Language: Understanding Frustration

Frustration is experienced when you become unable to do something that you wanted to do badly. Suppose you had lots of work to do but didn’t have enough time, surely you’ll end up feeling frustrated.

In body language, when people become frustrated, they take the gesture shown in the picture below: the body language state of frustration. Scratching the back of your head or rubbing your neck from behind, as in the picture below, is a clear sign of frustration according to body language.

Other ‘Frustration’ Body Language Gestures

The following are some other body gestures that show the presence of frustration:

  • Vigorously scratching your hands, face, or other body parts
  • Abrading your face with one of your fingers
  • Tapping your hands against your lap
  • Shaking your foot repeatedly in a nervous manner
  • Some¬†Microforms:

Your body language affects the impression people form of you. Keeping your back straight can increase the chance of attracting people to you. Since a straight back reflects confidence, making that simple body language gesture makes you appear more confident and attractive.

When frustration and anxiety meet

Some gestures are common between frustration and anxiety.

Tapping your hands against your laps is among the signs of anxiety.

Yes, somebody’s language gestures might seem very similar to each other, but you can tell the difference between both with a little common sense.

It’s not a correct practice to analyze people’s body language quickly without putting the context of the situation in mind.

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