Why Some People Like People with Baby Faces

Why do you think people have different tastes and types?

In a previous article, we explained how our pasts could force us to become attracted to a certain type of face just because we believe that this face indicates that the person possesses certain qualities.

If, for example, a woman cares much about being protected, then she might go for a man who looks fierce or angry.

But does this mean that all women will think the same way?

No, this is not true. While there are general rules for attraction, each person still develops his own personal preferences based on the situations he has been through.

In other words, some people might end up getting attracted to those who have a babyface, while some others might get turned off by that type of face.

The impression a babyface gives

A babyface, in most cases, reflects Innocence, kindness, lack of aggression, sensitivity, in addition to some other traits.

Now, if a person has been through certain experiences so that his lovemap has an intense need for such traits, he will get attracted to people with baby faces.

The meaning the person gives to certain facial features will also play a big role in determining whether those facial features are attractive to him or not. The traits we associate with certain facial features determine whether we will find them attractive or not.

If you think that a round face makes a person kind, for example, then you are very likely to find that face attractive if kindness was an important thing you were looking for. Things aren’t that simple in real life, but this is just a simplified example to help you understand how it works.

A babyface makes people feel safe and needed.

That’s not everything that makes a baby’s face attractive to some people. In addition to what was described above, a babyface can also make a person feel safe and needed.

The fact that a baby’s face resembles a baby’s face gives people a sense of security around that person who has the baby’s face. If the person had big eyes, one of the things that make a face seem more friendly and receptive might feel more comfortable around that person.

The big eyes can make us feel needed as we see them wide open towards us. This is also why big eyes are one of the things that make females more attractive to many males. This is one reason why so many successful cute cartoon characters have big eyes. But again, the presence of those facial features on their own doesn’t make a person attractive to us, for we must have certain needs that those faces can satisfy, such as the need to feel loved, for example.

This means that a babyface might turn some people off if they associated it with traits that they consider unpleasant. If a person doesn’t like naive people or needs to be with someone who is experienced, then this person might find a babyface unattractive if he believed it signifies the presence of naivety.

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