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Body Language: How to Know if Someone is Interested in you

You can use body language to know whether someone is interested in you or not.

The state of being interested in someone or being interested in some topic is one of the major states in body language, so before knowing the gestures and body postures associated with that state, you first need to be introduced to some concepts like private distance orientation, and eye contact.

Body language concepts, being interested in someone or something.

  • Private distance and interest Have you ever noticed the space you leave between you and the other person you are talking to? Have you ever noticed how this space differs from one person to another? Around each one of us is a circle called your private distance. People usually don’t allow others to step into this private distance unless they like them, are comfortable with them, or are interested in them. That’s why some people become irritated in elevators as others keep stepping into their private distance by force.
  • Orientation and being interested in someone: Generally, when a person is enjoying the company of another person and doesn’t want to leave, he will be oriented so that his shoulders will be parallel to the shoulders of the other person. This means that he will face him with his whole body. People who talk to you without facing you properly may want to leave either because they are not interested in talking to you or because they are late.
  • Eye contact and interest: Eye contact shows interest and respect. When I use the term eye contact, I am actually referring to positive eye contact (finding that the other person is maintaining eye contact 70 or 80% of the time).

How to use body language to know if someone is interested in you?

After you know about these body language concepts, you can use them all together to know if someone is interested in you.

If you found that someone is leaving a small private distance between you and him, is properly oriented, and establishing good eye contact, then this means that he is interested in the conversation.

On the other hand, if that person left a bigger distance, was not oriented properly, and lacked positive eye contact, he may not be interested in you or be in a hurry.

In addition to all the negative signs, if that person also took the body language defensive position, then put in mind that there is a great possibility that he is not interested in the conversation.

Another useful use of the state of interest postures is that you can easily differentiate between close friends and people who just met each other. People who know each other well will certainly leave a small private distance between them while others will do the opposite.

Body language and attractiveness

Any change to your body language could change the impression people form of you, even if it was a slight one. You can change the impression people form of you and appear more attractive by just making few modifications to your body language, such as keeping your back straight and using the body language confidence postures.

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