The Psychology Behind what Attracts People to each other

Unlike common beliefs, the psychology behind attraction is not supernatural nor hard to understand, but lots of rules govern the process. While all individuals become attracted to others in the same way, it still happens to each individual for a different reason.

  • What attracts individuals to each other?
  • And why would someone find an attractive person?

I’ll tell you what attracts people to each other in this article and how you can manipulate this information to increase your own attractiveness.

This is what draws individuals to one another.

Physical attraction

Looks are the first factor that draws individuals to each other. Physical looks alone can do no good, but they represent the doorway from which many people begin.

Most men are first drawn to physical appearances, which motivates them to dig further and learn more about the individual. Contrary to common beliefs, physical attraction is not given the same priority by all individuals, even if they themselves are attractive.

Everyone has their own unique attraction map, which includes common items such as physical looks according to the importance assigned to them by the individual.

Physical proximity and attraction

Physical proximity is the second factor that attracts individuals to each other. Research has shown that people are usually drawn to those they meet frequently or to those who live near them. Then make sure you let him see you often if you want to attract a person to you.


Familiarity is the third and significant factor that draws individuals to each other. People are drawn to the person they are familiar with, those who resemble their parents, or those who share some common characteristics. This is another reason why attractiveness increases with physical proximity.

When someone sees someone else more often, he gets more acquainted with him, becoming more familiar.
More likely, he’s attracted to seeing him.

Culture and attractiveness

Culture is another factor influencing the way people are attracted to each other. The culture in which the individual lives can define his attraction map and allow him to prefer a certain character not preferred in another culture.

Complementary traits and attractiveness

Complementary traits are the most powerful factor influencing how individuals get attracted to each other. Each individual has his own attraction map, which he has obtained due to his past experiences.

If you have managed to match this attraction map and show the individual that you have the complementary characteristics he needs, he will easily attract him.

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