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Inferiority Complex and Your Past

The story of James

James is a 30 years old man who thinks that his life is normally going.
James gets angry so quickly, and whenever someone says anything that bothers him, he starts to shout.

Although James is a 30 years old man, he still feels shy in social situations.

He doesn’t really know why he is shy, but he is sure that he is not attractive and that he’s not the kind of guy who could attract women. James feels so bad whenever someone criticizes him or rejects him.

A flashback to James’ past

James is already living his normal life without remembering any of the things that happened to him 25 years ago, most probably because his subconscious mind is refusing to remember these painful experiences.

When James was 5, his mother always shouted at him using the word “Dumb” whenever he does something wrong. Because he was a lucky guy, his teacher used to do the same thing too!! James started to form a belief about himself that he is “Dumb.”

James’ Poor-self image was the cause of his Shyness

By the age of 15, James was totally convinced that he is not dumb because he used to get good grades each year, But he was convinced that he looks like a dumb person, and that seemed to be a good explanation for being called dumb more than 100,000 times in his life.

Thinking that he is ugly or looking like a dumb person made him do his best to avoid interacting with people, so he became a shy person.

Whenever someone criticizes James, he thinks that it was related to his looks. Whenever someone rejects him, he also thinks of the same thing: people are mistreating him because of his looks.

James’ anger

Because of the accumulation of all of these problems in his subconscious mind, James felt irritated most of the time, and that’s why he lost his temper often. In reality, James was a calm guy, but the suppressed emotions in his subconscious mind always helped in making him lose his temper.

What about you? Are you James too?

Your past is not less important than your present or future life. Every emotion that you experience now is somehow related to your past. Even if you become very successful in your life, your past will still chase you wherever you go.

Go now and grab a piece of paper, then start to visualize your past. Go freely through your past and remember what happened to you. Remember the rejections you got, the bad names you were called, and the failures you faced.

After you gather enough information, it’s time to decide that those previous experiences won’t affect your current life anymore.

It’s time to know that if you were not liked as a kid, then this does not mean that you are unwanted as an adult.

It’s time to know that if you were called names when you were a kid, this does not mean something wrong with you.

It’s time to know that if you were not a skilled kid, then this does not mean that you are a loser!!!

Deciding alone won’t let the consequences of your past experiences totally disappear, but they will ease a little. The more you convince yourself with these ideas, the less your past will affect your current life.

Sometimes your past can even affect your ability to recover from a breakup; your past experiences can be the main reason that prevents you from getting over someone. If, for example, you felt guilty in the past because you weren’t able to treat your mother kindly before she passed away, then most likely you will have a hard time getting over a person who looks like your mom.

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