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Can Bad Genes Cause Mental Illness?

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One of the famous untrue beliefs about personality development is that the personality is 100 percent dependent on genes. Although genes do have a role in developing personalities, the environmental factors that we get subjected to are the number one reason that shapes our personalities.

Believing that you can’t be better because you don’t have the right genes or feeling that you cannot improve your behavior because your genetics will limit you is the completely wrong way of thinking. By learning how to interact correctly with the external influences, you come across, and you will be able to shape your personality the way you want.

Personality Disorders and Genes

Some people go beyond this and think that they lack self-confidence because they don’t have the self-confidence genes or think that they feel inferior because of a certain gene. The good news is that All of these beliefs are myths that those people acquired someway.

Life experiences you go through can be the primary reason behind lack of confidence and inferiority!!!

No one was born inferior, and no one was born without self-confidence. Genetics has nothing to do with this. It’s just the situations you faced that resulted in making you feel so right now. That’s why a problem like inferiority is called a disorder. The normal state should be feeling confident and not the other way around!!!

Genetic tendencies and personality problems

If you read a lot about psychology, I am sure you came across the term genetic tendency before. While many people have a genetic tendency to develop a certain disorder still, they will never develop it if they managed to cope well with life problems.

For example, many people tend to become depressed when they face prolonged stress; however, if they learned how to handle stress properly, he would never end up depressed, even if he has genetic tendencies.

Now some people took this far and started to assume that depression is only caused by genetics. As a result, they always recommend medication for depressed people without offering any other possible solutions.

I have heard the phrase ‘i am bipolar’ more than once. The people who say such a phrase don’t think they have a certain disorder, but they believe that their identities and their disorders are one. Those people don’t say I am depressed, but they say I am bipolar. It’s as if they connected the disorder to their own self and personality.

Some people think that shyness is a personality trait. And again, while some studies have linked shyness to genetics, many factors still have to come together for shyness to happen.

Don’t blame Genetics for your psychological problems

Don’t fall prey to these myths and constrain your personal growth by limiting belief. With disregard to your current personality traits, you can always improve yourself and become a happy person.

The only thing you need to do is decide to change rather than do your best to convert this decision from uttered words to a plan that you eagerly follow; only then will you see the results yourself.

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