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How to Change Negative Beliefs

The lack of self-confidence people suffer from is attributed to the negative beliefs they have about themselves.

In each of these articles, I outlined how important it is to change such negative beliefs.

Many readers started asking me how to change their negative beliefs, and that’s why I responded by writing this article which contains practical steps that can help you change any negative belief you have.

Here is how to change any negative belief

Here is how to change any negative belief you have:

  • 1) Stop reinforcing it: Without noticing, people keep reinforcing their negative beliefs by i) collecting false evidence that supports it and by ii) thinking about it over and over. Both actions reinforce the negative belief and make it stronger. The first step to change a negative belief is to stop reinforcing it that way by adjusting your perception of events and by not thinking about them over and over
  • 2) Collect the right knowledge: One of the main reasons people from negative beliefs is that they collect wrong facts about life. Once you start educating yourself about the real facts, you will easily change your negative beliefs. For example, what I do to people who can’t get over a breakup is that I fix their own belief system by teaching them the correct facts about relationships that they have misunderstood.
  • 3) Challenge the negative belief: One of the best ways to change a negative belief is to challenge it. If, for example, you mistakenly believed that you are a boring person, then you can challenge this belief by asking questions such as 1) why do I think I am boring? 2) do I have any evidence to support this belief? 3) did any person tell me that I am boring? 4) even if someone did, did all people tell me that? By asking such questions, you will be challenging the negative belief, and as a result, you will be able to change it
  • 4) Change something in the external world: The best way to change a negative belief is to change the external world if possible. If, for example, you believe that you are a failure, then certainly making an achievement or two will shake the foundations of your negative belief. Once you manage to make some achievements in a certain life area, your subconscious mind will start changing its beliefs about your competency in that life area

Final words about changing negative beliefs

Affirmations will never help you change your negative beliefs, but they will just give you a false sense of success that will fade away as soon as your negative thinking patterns take over.

Some people send me emails telling me that few weeks passed, and yet they didn’t manage to change their negative beliefs.

If you are one of those people, you must understand that beliefs can’t be changed in such a short period of time and that you need to be persistent and patient if you are serious about changing any of your negative beliefs.

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