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How Your Behaviour Affects your Personality

We all know that our personalities affect our behavior. This forces a shy person not to speak much when he meets new people, which is why A confident person finds no problem in expressing himself. As you see, your personality can affect your behavior but do you know that your behavior could affect your personality?

For instance, if you never fought for your rights or said NO to someone when he asks you a favor, this will negatively affect your self-image, and, so in turn, it will reduce your self-confidence. This happens because the subconscious mind watches out for every action you take to alter your self-confidence based on it!!

Stop the Self-reinforcing Cycle

Now it is clear that your behavior can reinforce a certain belief about yourself or even make it worse. You can take advantage of this fact by forcing a change in your current behavior. By doing this, you will break this self-reinforcing cycle of personality-behavior and vice versa.

For example, if you are used to avoiding saying NO when someone asks you for something, assertively and stand up for your rights. This will result in one of the following two outcomes:

  • Breaking the cycle: breaking the self-reinforcing cycle will, in turn, stop further deterioration of your self-confidence.
  • Changing your idea about yourself: Your continuous way of acting assertively or confidently will slowly erode your negative beliefs about yourself. This happens because your subconscious mind starts to receive lots of new feedback that defies your negative beliefs about yourself, and so in the end, you will end up being more self-confident.

This goes for every single .behavior

This goes for almost everything. If you got used to crying whenever you face a problem, you would think that you are fragile. Similarly, if you got used to blaming the conditions and the circumstances for your failures, you will believe that you are a victim. The flip side of that is that you will end up thinking of yourself as a self-assured person when you get used to acting confidently.

Even in breakups, the continuous repetition of certain behavior like listening to romantic songs, crying while listening to them, and acting like a victim completely hinders the recovery process. Sticking to such behavior keeps you broken for years where you could have recovered in few days.

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