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Changing Negative Core Beliefs

Building self-confidence and succeeding in life are all about learning how to change your core beliefs.

People lack self-confidence because they carry negative beliefs about themselves, and they also fail in life for the same reason.

Once you learn how to change the negative core beliefs, you will have solid self-esteem and succeed in life. In this article, I will tell you how to do it.

This is how to change negative core beliefs.

Before you can know how negative core beliefs are changed, you first need to know few things about the inner works of your mind.

If you believed that you have a certain bad personality trait (like, for example, thinking that you are boring), then certainly you will keep encountering evidence that supports your negative belief not because there are real-life evidence but because people give different interpretations to events according to their own belief system.

A person who believes that he is boring will associate all the rejections he gets with the belief of being boring. If something happened that made this person think, even for few moments, that he is not boring, he would quickly recall all of the events he interpreted incorrectly, giving them different meanings.

If, after some time, another thing happened that forced that person to think that he is boring once again, he will recall all of these events and give them the old meanings he initially gave them.

So how can core negative beliefs can be changed?

The trigger required to change your negative core beliefs must come from within. You first need to believe that you are not boring, and as a result, you will change the structure of your own memories to prove your new belief true.

I am not a supporter of the “think positively and wait for the magic” school simply because it never works. To believe that you are not boring, you need to do something that proves your subconscious mind that you are really not boring.

Once you can prove this fact to yourself, your core negative belief will be changed, and all the memories associated with it will be given different meanings.

In short, here is what you need to do to change a negative core belief:

  • 1) Impress yourself: Do something that makes your subconscious mind believe that you are really good or, in other words, impress yourself
  • 2) Changing old memories: Once you do the previous step, you must then move on to changing the old memories you had by giving them different meanings other than the ones you initially gave them
  • 3) Wait: Once you do the previous 2 steps, your mind will work on weakening your negative core beliefs, and it will help you acquire new positive ones

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