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Using Body Language to your Advantage (Reverse Engineering)

Apart from using body language to attract someone or appear confident, you can use body language to your advantage in a way many people don’t know about.

Body language usage is not limited to the understanding of others, but it can also help you leave the impression you want.

No one should be allowed to know your real feelings unless you allow them to. Surely your enemies will be pleased to see you feeling bad or disappointed, and that’s why you must use body language to your advantage by letting them form the impression you want them to form.

Leaving the impression you want using body language

In simple words, if you took any gesture that is associated with a certain emotional state, then the other person will automatically assume that you are experiencing that emotional state even if he knows nothing about body language.

It’s effortless; suppose you want to appear confident, stand upright with your back straight, clasp your hands in front of your stomach and raise your head a little. Everyone will believe you’re confident even if you’re really not.

Other Advantages of body language

There is another great advantage of body language, which is called the reverse effect.

You can change your mood using body language by using the reverse effect. If you took a certain body language gesture then waited for minutes, you will soon experience the emotion associated with that gesture. For example, few seconds after taking the body language confidence gestures, you will start to feel confident.

Another powerful advantage of body language is the ability to use it in sales. Years ago, when I used to work as a salesperson, I used to monitor the body language gestures of people while offering them the products I sell. As soon as I mention one aspect of the product, like the price, I used to take a look at the person to see if there is any change in his body language.

When I used to see a negative body language sign such as the negative evaluation gesture right after talking about the price, I used not to mention it again. Instead, I used to focus on the other aspects of the product.

This gave me a powerful advantage in sales as I was always sure what people were looking for and what they were trying to avoid.

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