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Why Do I Hate My Job?

Why do we hate our jobs?
I know how it feels like to feel down each Sunday
I know how it feels like to wish that Monday never comes
I know how it feels to have struggles in your mind each day because of wanting to quit your job but fearing to do it

And I definitely know how it feels like to hate your job.

Happiness is all about doing the things that we like and avoiding the things that we dislike. Ask anybody about his priorities, and he will tell you that happiness is on the top of the list but watch his actions, and you will find that he is doing the exact opposite.

Most people hate their jobs either because they are doing things that they dislike or because they don’t fit with their workplace. To understand why you hate your job, you should first get more self-understanding and better understand your values and priorities.

In this article, I will tell you why you might be hating your job.

Personality types and hating your job, everyone hates routine.

No, that’s not true. To some of us, routine is amazing. Some people love the stability routine jobs provide, and they never feel bored or dissatisfied with their routine jobs.

The most important point that many people don’t understand about career hunting is that they will only be happy if they choose a job that matches their personalities and values.

If you value freedom, then wearing a suit each morning and sitting behind a desk will be the fastest way to hate your job.

The only way to be happy with your job and not hate it is to write down your most important values then find a job that helps you preserve them.

Sacrificing your lifestyle for your job & hating your job

Some people quit the things that they like as soon as they find any job. Some people quit their favorite sport; others quit their hobbies, while a third group sacrifices their social life to get the monthly payment.

This decision, which for some reason appears to be wise to the most, results in unhappiness, chronic stress, depression, then, in the end, the person ends up wondering why he hates his job!!

Lots of people tell me that they are depressed and that their lives are unfortunate. When I examine the lives of those people, I find that hating their job is on the top of the list of things that make them unhappy. When I ask them to quit, they reply saying, “But it’s my job. I can’t quit.”

Depression can only signal dissatisfaction sent to you by your mind to motivate you to stop doing a certain thing. If your job were the major cause of this dissatisfaction, you would stay depressed until you find a better one!!

When you start to feel that your job is preventing you from doing the things you like or from living the life you want, you will certainly hate it.

If you want to be happy with your job, you must learn how to balance working and do what you like. If you can turn your hobby into a job, you will have a wonderful career, and you won’t hate your job anymore.

Hating your job is all about a lack of understanding of what’s really important to you before you apply for a job.

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