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How to Find a Job That Makes You Happy

People always wonder what job is right for them and what career they should choose. However, the biggest mistake people make when searching for the right job is that they ask others who know very little about personality types, and as a result, they get incorrect advice.

Knowing what job is right for you is 100 percent dependent on understanding 2 facts, 1) the first is that we are different and so what your friend recommends might not be what you are looking for 2) The second is that understanding yourself is the key to finding the right job for you.

Self-understanding is the key to finding the right job that can make you happy.

Let me give you an example to make it clear. I am a person who prefers to work alone rather than in teams, I love waking up late, and I don’t like to stay in an office. Based on these facts I know about myself, I discovered that the right job for me was running an internet business, which I am doing now.

Now, if we went back few years before I completely understood myself, we will find that everyone kept recommending the right job for me according to their own perspective. For example, I met people who told me that teamwork is the best thing ever and that if I didn’t work in teams, I wouldn’t learn anything.

What happened when I followed the career recommendations given by other people is that I felt unhappy because I discovered that I was doing things that I don’t like even though others liked them. Working for a job that you hate is one of the fastest ways to ruin your mood and even become depressed over the long term.

In short, the key to finding the right job for you is to understand yourself perfectly then look for a job that suits your personality. Finding the right career is not about asking others for recommendations but about knowing what job will make you happy.

Happiness and finding the right job for you

Some people make the fatal mistake of going for a job that they don’t like or a career that doesn’t match their personality due to the limiting beliefs they have. For example, a belief such as “I won’t find a job opportunity easily; thus I will go for the first job I find” is common beliefs that let people land jobs they dislike.

The right job for you is not necessary the job that makes you feel happy while doing it, but at least it must not be the job that makes you feel miserable each morning.

The best way to find the right job that can make you happy is to look at your current hobbies and try to find any career related to them. For example, I am in love with computers and psychology; thus, the best career for me was an internet business based on psychology.

Follow this advice, and you will never have any problem finding the right job.

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