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Body Language: How to Read Positive Body Language

Positive body language gestures take place when you think positively of something that happened to you. Suppose you were late for a meeting and you were sure that your boss would yell at you when you arrive. Now imagine that you found out that the meeting was canceled as soon as you arrived there.

Certainly, you will consider this a positive thing, and you will take one of the famous positive body language gestures, which is touching your eyebrows.

This gesture is called positive evaluation when you consider an event positive, like seeing someone you love or getting high grades.

The positive evaluation gesture in body language

Positive evaluation gestures in body language can appear in either of the two forms below (see pictures).

Rubbing your eyebrows with your finger or adjusting your eyeglasses indicates that you found something positive. People actually believe that they are really adjusting their eyeglasses instead of knowing that it’s a positive body language sign.

In fact, one out of every one hundred attempts to adjust your glasses might actually have the purpose of adjusting the glasses, while the other 99 will be the result of seeing something positive.

How to make use of this body language gesture

Let’s suppose you were trying to convince a friend to do something for you, and while you were talking, you noticed that he took that positive gesture. In such a case, you can make sure that you mentioned one point that appealed to him.

Now you can use that point to motivate him even more by stressing about it. If you were a salesperson, for example, and someone made that gesture after knowing that the product has a 5-year warranty, then you can repeat that information over and over while making sure that it will appeal to him.

The art of reading body language is not all about reading people; but it’s all about learning how to provide people with whatever they want to hear. By monitoring someone’s gestures and changing your words accordingly, you will be a master persuader.

Positive body language and attracting people

When someone finds you attractive, he may make the “positive evaluation” body language gesture. The good thing about that gesture is that you can use it to know whether someone likes you or not. If someone always makes this positive body language gesture in your presence, he either likes what you say or likes you.

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