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How to Use Body Language to Spot Close Friends

One of the great things about body language is that you can use it to determine whether some people you just met are close friends or whether they barely know each other.

Many signs can help you know whether two people are close to each other or not, but to increase the accuracy of your body language reading skills, make sure that you gather more than two signs before you can conclude.

The body language signs are as follows:

  • Private distance in body language: People close to each other usually leave a minimal private distance between them. As I said before, the private distance in body language is when people leave between them while standing with each other. It’s effortless to spot a group of close friends through their private distance because of the little distance they leave between them.
  • Defensive position in body language: In body language folding the arms can indicate discomfort or shyness. Usually, a person who is not feeling comfortable around others will fold his arms, which can indicate that this guy is not close to them.
  • Touching: I am not referring to people who touch each other intentionally, but I am referring to those who sit very close to each other to the extent that their legs or other body parts touch without intention. As soon as you see this scene, know that those people are close friends.
  • Putting all body language signs together: If someone was standing away from a group with his arms folded, then he’s probably a stranger to the group, But if someone was standing close to others while maintaining open body language gestures, then know that he is close to them.

Use your mind when using body language.

Many people read the body language incorrectly because they don’t collect enough information about others before judging them.

For example, a person might be standing away from his close friends with his arms folded because he just fought with them, and that’s why it’s essential to use your mind before judging someone based on his body language.

Just as you saw, very slight changes to your body language can greatly affect your relationships with people. Slight changes, such as keeping your back straight, can increase your chances of making people fall in love with you. The more confident you appear, the more attractive you will become, and nothing can make you appear more confident than a straight back.

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