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Personal Space in Body Language

The private distance is the distance someone keeps between him and the other person he is talking to. I have said earlier that if someone allowed you into his private distance, then this might mean that he is interested in you, but the question is, how to measure the size of the private distance?

The answer to this question is straightforward you don’t need to know the size of the private distance, but you need to know whether you are allowed in it or not. The following methods can help you know whether someone is allowing you into his private distance or not:

  • Get closer: Try to get closer to that person and see if he will step backward. Stepping backward means he is getting you out of his private distance.
  • During handshake: When shaking hands, see if the person takes one step forward or bends his back by leaning towards you then getting back to his former position (see the picture). The only difference between the two pictures is that the person in picture two is not allowing the other person into his private distance.
  • If you missed the handshake: If you missed the handshake, then try to ask him to hand you any object and see whether he will take a step towards you or whether he will lean forward as he did in the handshake

You shouldn’t care about the size of the private distance as much as you should care to know whether the person is allowing you to get inside it or not.

People who like each other usually leave a little private distance between them without noticing.

By taking advantage of this fact, you can easily know whether someone is interested in you or not, increasing the chance of making someone love you.

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