Why do Some People Believe in Evolution

Ever mistaken a coat in your wardrobe for a ghost?
If your answer was yes, then you certainly believe in ghosts. But why do people who don’t believe in ghosts never make these perception errors?

It’s because we see the world through the lens of our beliefs.

People get to see things that don’t exist just because they have certain beliefs they eagerly want to protect.

Even the most intelligent human being can become completely stupid when defending a belief that he had for a long period of time. It’s not uncommon to find a person who eagerly tries to defend a certain belief even if he has no evidence to support it.

But why do people do so?
Why would someone defend a belief with all the power he got even if he doesn’t have any clues to support it? Simply because that person needs to believe in that thing to remain mentally healthy.

Why do some people believe in evolution?

All well-educated people know that there is no sure proof for evolution. Yet, some people hang on to certain studies and defend them fiercely because they don’t want to think of any other possible scenario at the back of their minds.

If human beings didn’t appear on earth as a result of evolution, then they must have been created, that’s how an evolutionist thinks, and that’s why he eagerly tries to eliminate that possibility.

In other words, those who don’t believe in creation will do their best to make their beliefs about evolution stronger to prove that human beings weren’t created.

On the other hand, religious people will do the opposite thing; they will try to prove that evolution never happened because by doing so, they will be supporting their Core beliefs about God.

Both parties do it incorrectly when they try to support their beliefs. They stick to incorrect facts or are unsure of just proving that they are right.

In other words, a person who defends evolution is usually one who wants to defend his beliefs about the creation because he is too afraid to explore other possibilities.

After all, if evolution was proven wrong, then this means that this person was led astray for years, and this is something that many people can hardly accept.

How to find the right answer (whether its evolution or anything else)

You must understand that as human beings, our minds make intentional perception mistakes to favor our beliefs. Thus you will never find the right answer before you become fair during the evidence collection process.

I personally did this years ago when I started to search for the truth and not for evidence that supports my beliefs. I was too open to all possibilities, and I didn’t let my Ego interfere with the information I was collecting.

In the end, I concluded that a creator intelligently designed this world, and that evolution is nonsense.

If you blindly defend a certain belief, then know that deep inside you are too afraid to explore other possibilities.?

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