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3 Body Language Signs that Show Lack of Interest

I get so many emails from readers who tell me that they believe that someone dislikes them just because he made a single gesture that they interpreted as a sign of hatred. While a single gesture can tell a lot about what’s going on inside someone’s mind, it’s always advised to look for at least 3 signals before you can make a judgment.

In many cases, one sign won’t be enough to tell you what a person is thinking about, and this is why you must spot some more signs before you can jump to conclusions.

Yes, some single gestures can indicate a certain emotion, such as gestures that reflect self-confidence or sadness. Still, when it comes to more complex feelings such as love and hatred, you need to collect many signs before you can confidently guess what’s going on.

1- Always seeing the person’s back

One of the things few people know about body language is that a person interested in somebody will always try to face him with his body even if he was standing meters away. In other words, a person who is interested in another will always try to keep him in his line of sight. If you always see the back of the person you like, provided that he is aware of your presence, this might be a negative sign.

So why can’t this sign be used alone to tell whether someone likes you or not? Simply because a person might be doing that, intending to hide his true feelings.

2- Not walking nearby you

In body language, physical proximity is always a good thing. Even if you don’t know a person, you will still sit closer to him. You felt comfortable around him. For example, when someone enters a waiting area, he sits next to the person he feels comfortable around the most.

The opposite is also true. If someone doesn’t like you, he will always keep a big physical distance between you and him even if he passes by. This can be obvious when a person leaves a clear shortcut and walks around a certain object (a table, for example) to avoid walking close to you.

3- Avoiding looking in your direction

Let’s suppose you were sitting at the same table with a group of people. A person who is not interested will always try not to look at you, not give you the chance to start a conversation. But you need to pay attention to a critical point, shy people, those who don’t want to show their feelings, or those who feel anxious might avoid eye contact on intention, and again this is why I told you earlier to gather more than one sign.

Why you should be aware of those signs

You might wonder why I took the time to write such an article? In fact, so many people chase those who don’t want them then end up feeling bad after they realize that they made themselves look really bad, so I decided to write a series of articles that can help people find out who truly likes them and who doesn’t just to help them avoid those who dislike them and go for the ones who truly care about them.

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