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Only child personality traits

What are the personality traits of only children?
A child’s personality is greatly affected by his birth order.

It’s quite common for two siblings to have completely different personality traits even though they were raised by the same parents just because their birth order was different.

The special thing about an only child is that another sibling never dethrones him. Children with a newborn might feel inferior and develop psychological problems due to the sudden loss of attention they were used to.

In this article, I will tell you about the personality traits of an only child.

The psychology of only children

Only children are usually overly confident, if not arrogant. Because no one steals the attention they get from their parents; only children get used to being in the center of attention, which usually makes them showy adults.

Children grow up trying to extend the environment they used to live in. So the child who was showered with attention will fight for this attention when he grows up to feel good.

Only children usually impress adults with their brilliance and intelligence. As a result of growing up with adults around them, they learn quickly and develop better life skills provided that they are not spoiled.

If an only child were spoiled, he would develop completely different personality traits; for example, he might lack proper life skills, lack self-confidence, and become overly dependent on others.

Only children’s personality and socializing.

If the only child were allowed to play with other children, he would develop the social skills needed and the personality traits to help him connect with others.

If he was isolated, he might not develop social interest and might not learn how to cooperate with others.

An only child also has the ability to entertain himself and feel good on his own due to finding himself alone most of the time. This doesn’t mean that only children are not social, but it only means that they can enjoy the company of others and enjoy their own company.

Finally, many only children are susceptible¬†to criticism,¬†and thus they don’t know how to handle it properly.

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