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How birth order affects marriage and relationships

Your birth order can affect your relationships, love life, and marriage more than you could imagine. Birth order can affect a person’s life due to the different experiences he goes through in his early childhood.

Some people think that establishing a successful marriage or a loving relationship is a simple task that doesn’t involve getting into complex details, but they are completely wrong. If you don’t understand your own personality and your partner’s personality, then certainly your love life isn’t going to farewell.

By understanding how the birth order of both you and your relationship partner affects your personalities, you will be able to have a better relationship and a successful marriage.

Why does birth order affect marriage and relationship

As a result of finding himself growing in different conditions, each child develops different personality traits based on his birth order. Because those children develop a different view of the world and relationships, in turn, each of them requires a special way of handling it to be satisfied with his relationship.

The following are some examples that will show you how can birth order affect relationships:

  • The youngest child and relationships: The youngest child is usually a spoiled child who learned how to get everything he wants. As a result, he might be very demanding when he gets into a relationship. The youngest child might also be impatient and unable to wait until he gets what he wants. When the youngest child gets married, he expects his relationship partner to take the same role as his primary caregiver, or in other words, he expects his partner to take care of him as if he is a child. This certainly affects the marriage because if the youngest child found that he is not getting the kind of treatment he used to get, he will become dissatisfied with the relationship.
  • The Eldest child and relationships: The eldest child usually develops leadership and responsibility, and that’s one point that affects his marriage and relationships in a positive way. However, as a result of being dethroned by a younger sibling, some Eldest children grow up believing that someone is always going to be favored over them, and this causes big problems in marriage because the eldest child always doubts that his partner is cheating on him or preferring something else to him.
  • The Middle child and marriage: Being the middle child sometimes affects the marriage negatively. Since the middle child found himself surrounded by an older sibling who is more capable than him and a younger one who gets most of the attention, he might feel unloved and lack self-esteem. When that happens, the middle child might always believe that his relationship partner doesn’t love him, which affects his relationships negatively.

The effect of birth order on marriage can be changed

The Good news is that even if your relationship or marriage was affected by your birth order, you could still fix it.

All personality type theories, including how birth order affects personality, only describe the present stage that the personality has reached and not the final destination.

Even if your marriage was negatively affected by your birth order, you could still change the underlying personality traits you developed responsible for these problems.

Dealing with your relationship partner based on his birth order

You must be intelligent enough to put the birth order of your relationship partner in mind when dealing with him.

For example, if your wife was the eldest child, then don’t blame her if she kept accusing you of cheating often. Instead, help her understand how her birth order affected her personality and how it might negatively affect her marriage.

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