Birth Order

How birth order affects your life

Does your birth order affect your life?

Everything that happens in childhood affects the personality of an adult either directly or indirectly. Birth order is one of the biggest factors that might shape an adult’s behavior for the rest of his life.

During childhood, the child develops his personality along with psychological imbalances. For the rest of his life, the person chases certain goals that can help him maintain his psychological balance, and since birth order is one of the factors that cause this imbalance, it certainly affects the adult’s life.

In this article, I will tell you how birth order affects your life.

How exactly does birth order affect your life?

If a child were born first thus became the elder, he would experience great stress when finding that all the attention was shifted to his younger sibling. This person might become attention seeking adult for the rest of his life just because he still suffers from the initial loss of attention he experienced.

This shows that birth order doesn’t only affect the child at a certain period of time but also affects his life later on.

The youngest child finds himself surrounded by stronger and more capable adults, which usually makes him extremely ambitious. Usually, the youngest child becomes more successful than the older ones due to the ambition he developed. This is another example that shows how birth order can affect your life permanently.

The middle child usually learns how to become a diplomat since he is the one who always negotiates peace between his older and younger brothers.

An only child will learn how to become the center of attention and will do his best to maintain this attention for the rest of his life by showing off.

So as you just saw, birth order doesn’t affect your life directly, but it assists in the formation of certain childhood goals that you live with for the rest of your life.

How birth order impacts your life decisions

You can change any behavior that resulted from your childhood experiences. So you don’t have to worry even if your birth order impacted your life because you still can cancel this effect if it’s unpleasant.

Birth order can also impact your life decisions. For example, an only child won’t look for a loving partner as much. He will look for another mother who can shower him with the attention he got used to. To put it another way, an only child will find any woman who acts like his mother very attractive.

The birth order also impacts the leadership abilities of adults. When a child finds himself the eldest, he becomes forced to develop leadership abilities as he is the one who is usually assigned the responsibility of taking care of his younger siblings.

As you just saw, birth order affects your life in many ways as it determines the route you must take later on to reach your psychological balance.

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