Bad Mood

Why do I feel Bad All the Time?

  • Do you feel bad all the time?
  • Do you always wake up feeling bad, or do you always find yourself feeling sad?

Suppose you hurt your hand, and it was painful; what do you think are the right actions you should do to stop this pain? Yes, you are right, washing it, using plaster, and resting it for a while.

Now, what if you ignored that injury and even tried to forget about it? Will that be a cure? Sometimes, time can heal, but you might only make it worse by waiting if the injury was deep.

Heal your wounds

Courage is not the absence of fear, but it’s rather the ability to face your problems even if you were afraid to do so.

Some people try to forget about their old wounds, their bad past experiences, and the things that bother them instead of dealing with them.

Some people aren’t satisfied with their weight or body image, but they keep burying the problem as if it’s not there. And when someone reminds them of it, they feel so bad.

Some people aren’t satisfied with their social status; others are feeling bad because of not being able to quit a certain habit, while a third group feels bad because they cannot stand up for their rights.

So the question is, why do these people feel bad all the time? Simply because they find lots of things on their way that reminds them of their wounds.

Taking the guy who is not satisfied with his weight as an example, as soon as he encounters any of these situations, he will start feeling upset:

  • Seeing Someone who has an ideal weight
  • Seeing A beautiful girl
  • Meeting Someone who tells him that he needs to lose weight.
  • When dressing up
  • When meeting new people
  • When people look at him

As you can see, these situations are encountered a lot, and as the person goes through his day, he will feel bad about encountering each one of them.

Now, what if that person had another problem like not being able to make friends? This will add more items to the list of the things that bother him. Now, what if he had a third problem?

The result will be feeling bad every few minutes because the things that make him feel bad became numerous. Depression can only be the result of ignoring your problems and throwing them behind your back. If you took action to solve them, your depression would ease the same moment you start.

How to stop feeling bad?

Two words, Take action!! Don’t throw your problems behind your back, and don’t act as if they are not there.

If you started taking action, you would find that all of the things that bother you aren’t bothering you anymore.

Each time you will face a situation that makes you feel bad, you will remember your action plan and feel good.

Grab a paper now, write down your problems and your suggested action plan for dealing with them; only then will you stop feeling bad all the time.

Time can heal, but it only heels the brave who faces his problems as time passes, not the one who throws them behind his back.

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