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How Certain Emotions can Prevent you from Feeling Good

Small events can change your mood.

In previous articles about happiness, depression, and mood regulation, I always explained how leaving your major problems unsolved can cause prolonged sadness.

In this article, I will discuss a different concept: tiny events that happen throughout your day can change your mood and prevent you from feeling good even though they are minimal.

What is happiness?

Happiness is the absence of destructive emotions and the feeling you get when you have your unmet needs met. If you feel very stressed on a particular day, you are significantly less likely to feel good that day as this stress will replace happy feelings.

Learning how to spot the small events that happen throughout your day, resulting in triggering such unwanted emotions, is your first step towards feeling good. If you managed to stop the feelings that replace happiness, you would indeed feel good all the time.

How certain emotions can prevent you from feeling good

Stress: The first emotion that kills good moods is stress; if you are living a stressful lifestyle or even if your external environment is promoting focus, then you will rarely be able to feel good.

Overeating: Eating is another factor that can change your mood right away; try to eat something while you are full or fill your stomach with soda, and you will experience a sudden drop in your attitude in few seconds. Only eat when you are in Hungary and stop eating before you are full, and then food will never make you feel bad.

Guilt: Guilt is another source of emotional pain that prevents the person from feeling good. I am not talking about the kind of responsibility you get when you do something awful. Still, the guilt I am talking about is the one that results from tiny events such as not exercising on the day you were supposed to exercise or delaying a task that you were supposed to do. These small events can result in feelings of guilt that prevent you from feeling good.

Fear: Some people got used to living with anxiety to the extent that they no longer sense its presence. Fear of the future, of the unknown, and all kinds of fears will indeed suppress your happiness potential and prevent you from feeling good.

There are countless items that I can mention that prevent a person from feeling happy, but in the end, the concept will still be the same. Learning how to become aware of the small events that trigger unwanted emotions will help you prevent them in the early stages and will lead you to feel good all the time.

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