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Why Do I Feel Vulnerable?

  • Ever wondered why you are so vulnerable to life problems?
  • Ever wondered why do small things make you feel terrible?
    Weren’t you more powerful before? So what happened?

In this article, I will answer all of these questions and tell you do you feel so vulnerable.

This is why you are vulnerable

The first thing you need to know about emotions is that they grow exponentially when two of them are added together.

This means that facing a problem at school and another crisis at home will multiply your destructive emotions instead of just adding them together.

If you had two problems at a certain point in your life, you had two issues, and at a second point, you had four, you will be much more vulnerable to life events at the second point than the first.

How to stop being vulnerable

ever wondered Why do very tiny things piss you off?
Because you are already pissed off!!

You have tons of unsolved problems, and that’s making you vulnerable to each new one, even if it was so small

If you want to stop being vulnerable, you need to fix your existing problems, change your reality, and create a better life.

Please don’t fall into the trap of focusing on specific situations that made you feel vulnerable because it’s your life problems that made you feel bad after all.

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