Anger Management

What to do When you get Angry

Effective Anger Management Techniques

Anger is a destructive emotion; not only can it result in letting you make more enemies, but it can also damage your internal organs. Studies found that people who get angry more often are more likely to face health problems.

Because of this reason and many other reasons, I decided to write this post to help you learn how to tame your anger and get over it.

The following is a convenient list that will help you control your anger effectively instead of letting it control you.

Note that each technique will be useful in helping you deal with anger on its own but knowing all of them will help you select whichever suits you.

Here are The effective anger management methods:

  • Controlling your self-talk: your self-talk is the words and phrases that you use while you’re thinking. Examples of self-talk phrases are “I am sure he will be late as usual” and “my boss is going to assign me loads of work to do today.” As you can see, these self-talk phrases influence your emotions and can result in anger. By controlling the self-talk using CBT or any other technique, you will prevent your anger bouts. After getting angry, self-talk can play a significant role in either intensifying the way you feel or make you chill out. Controlling your self-talk is one of the most effective anger management methods.
  • Anger management and assertiveness: If your anger results from a violation of your rights, then nothing can make control your anger effectively better than learning how to ask for your rights assertively. Assertiveness is the way of communication that allows you to stand up for your rights without violence or aggressiveness.
  • Wash your face: Another useful and easy anger management technique is washing your face. If you get angry in a place where you can wash your face, then do it. It will reduce your anger and make you feel calmer.
  • Change your physical position: if you got angry while standing, then sit down. If you got mad while you are sitting, then lay down. changing your physical situation is another effective anger management technique that can be done in seconds and anywhere
  • Relaxation and anger management: Relaxation techniques can help you control most of your unwanted emotions, including anger. Relaxation helps you to feel much more in control and so can help in reducing your irritation. Relaxation techniques are simple and can be applied anywhere and anytime. If you practice relaxation techniques often, they could become a part of your usual response to events that trigger your undesired emotions.
  • Controlling your anger emotion: contrary to common beliefs, Emotions can be controlled. While the initial phase of a specific feeling may be out of control, the choice to continue feeling that emotion or forget about it is up to you.
  • Workout or run: Another very effective anger management technique is working out. Not only will sports help you reduce your anger, but you will notice that your performance will be much better in comparison to your account in a normal state because of the excessive energy of anger.
  • Breakups and anger: There are five stages a person must go through to recover from a breakup. The second stage is the stage of anger, and if you didn’t learn how to control your anger correctly at this stage, you might not be able to get over the breakup!!

Carried over anger

There is another type of anger, which can’t be easily noticed, but has some deadly effects. Some people are always angry because of things that happened to them in the past.

A person who fears to trust others is angry at them. A man who believes that life is unfair is angry at life itself.

This kind of anger keeps accumulating inside the person’s mind and damages his health without he notices. Don’t just focus on getting rid of instant outrage, but also learn how to release this carried-over anger you collected over the years.

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