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How to Deal with Frustration

Dealing with Frustration

Suppose you wanted to take a day off to join a camping trip with your friends, but your boss refused and forced you to work that day. In this situation, you will experience frustration, which is the feeling you get when something prevents you from reaching a goal.

Frustration is the result of finding an obstacle that stops you from doing what you intended to do. You can also feel frustrated and stressed when you have loads of work to do, given that you don’t have enough time to finish it.

For example, Students who start studying a few days before the exam always experience frustration and stress. Type A personalities are among the most people who experience anxiety and frustration due to their lifestyle.

Frustration and Depression

Short-term bursts of frustration are unlikely to have a long-term effect on you, but what if something blocked the path to your long-term plans?

In this case, prolonged frustration may turn into depression. Long-term frustration can be one of the reasons that cause depression. When someone wants to achieve a particular goal but fails to do it for a long time, he might become depressed.

Frustration and Aggression

Aggression can be a result of frustration. If your boss forced you to work on your vacation, you might find yourself dealing aggressively with your colleagues, or you may act with aggression towards your kids that day.

Because you can’t shout at your boss, your aggression remains until you dump it somewhere else.

Frustration and breakups

One of the main reasons people fail to recover from breakups is feelings of frustration. False beliefs such as “He is my soul mate” or “he is the one” result in frustration after a breakup and prevent the person from recovering.

In this case, the person thinks that the only way to recover is to bring back his old lover, so he stays frustrated. This frustration is then turned into depression, and the person gets stuck in this stage.

Getting over such a problem is very simple, learn how to deal with these false beliefs, and you will break the whole cycle of false beliefs-frustration-depression.

Dealing with Frustration

The less flexible you are, the more you will get frustrated. That’s why stubborn people are more subject to frustration.

You cannot let go of things that increase your frustration. I am not asking you to let go of your goals, but I am asking you to look for the right path.

Instead of feeling frustrated, try to look for another way to achieve the same goal. Be like water and take the shape of whatever container you find yourself in. Frustration is sometimes a consequence of thinking that there is only one possible way to do something, which is the complete opposite of flexibility.

Never become angry at people who never annoyed you but instead learn how to channel your frustration correctly by understanding the main reasons behind it. You don’t have to shout at your boss, but you can learn how to be assertive, and you won’t go home feeling frustrated.

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