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Should I Quit My Job if I Hate it?

Should I quit my job if I hate it?
Should I quit my job if it makes me unhappy?

These questions are too common among people who hate their jobs and suffer every morning because they have to do something they dislike.

When you ask that question to you will almost get a similar reply from most people, which is “you should never quit your job even if you hate it unless you find another one.”

Another group of risk-takers will tell you to quit your job and find something else to do right away.

So which group is right?
Should you quit your job if you hate it or if it makes you unhappy?

Why don’t people quit their jobs even if they hate it

The reason most people never quit their jobs even if they hate them are:

  • They believe that it’s so normal to be unhappy: Some people got used to unhappiness to the extent that they started to believe that this is how life should be like, not knowing that there are happy people out there!! Some people never quit their jobs even if they hate them because they believe that it’s normal to feel unhappy and dissatisfied every morning on their way to their office.
  • They are afraid: A friend of mine tells me each time I meet him that quitting my day job to start an internet business is the most stupid thing I did. I never told my friend that the monthly income I make from this internet business he looks down to is more than the amount he saves in one complete year. My friend is not a risk-taker; he is very cautious, doesn’t have faith in his ability to do something on his own, and prefers to live in his comfort zone. That’s why he told me that I should never quit my job, even if I hate it or even if it makes me unhappy.
  • Happiness is not a priority for them: When someone tells you don’t ever quit your job even if you hate it, then know that he is unhappy. Not because all people who work in an office are unhappy but because happiness comes down to their priorities.

Should I quit my job if it makes me unhappy

Should I quit my job if it makes me unhappy
The answer to this question is simple. You should first ask yourself what your priorities are?

Do you want to feel stressed, irritated, bad, and sad each morning?

And can the feeling of job security outweigh all of these bad feelings?
If you think so, then don’t quit your job even if you hate it, but don’t ever complain about unhappiness.

Yes, you should quit your job if you hate it but at the right time

I really hated my first job because it was ruining my social life. Because I believed that it’s possible to live a better life and because I didn’t have any false beliefs about life, unlike others who believe they are stuck because of their jobs, I decided to quit.

I didn’t quit right away, but I did it after 2 years!!
Yes, 2 years. During these 2 years, I worked hard on my private business until it became successful and allowed me to quit the job I hate.

In short, you should certainly quit your job if you hate it, but you must have a solid plan that you will follow when you quit, not to get depressed as a result of finding yourself without a source of income.

When you follow a plan that can allow you to quit the job you hate, after some time, your job won’t make you that unhappy anymore because you will know that sooner or later you are going to leave.

If you hate your job, then write a plan now that allows you to quit it after some time, and you will experience great relief even if you planned to quit one year from now.

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