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How to Answer Interview Questions Properly

People always send me emails about interview questions asking me to write about the perfect answers for these questions. You must consider the critical point that answering interview questions properly is not about knowing the answers before the interview. Still, it’s all about knowing what that specific interviewer you are dealing with likes to hear.

Based on the situation you are in, the perfect answer will differ, and that’s why in this article, I will tell you how to answer interview questions properly.

Answering interview questions properly.

The first thing you must remember is that each interviewer is looking for a person who has certain skills that can fill a current gap in his company. This means that the interviewers don’t need to find that you have tons of skills, but he only wants to see that you can fill that specific gap.

If I decided to hire an editor to edit the language, I wouldn’t care if he is a computer genius as much as I care about his ability to do a boring and systematic task every day. So if I asked that person whether he likes routine, the proper answer in such a case would be “yes,” while that same answer won’t be the right one for another job.

So the proper answer to an interview question depends on understanding what the interviewer wants to hear exactly. This won’t happen before you study the company profile, the job offer, and the skills needed exactly.

The biggest misconception about interview questions

The second biggest misconception about interview questions is that the interviewers are omnipotent and not just human beings who experience the different emotionsĀ people experience.

Some people think that answering questions to show that they areĀ overconfident is the proper action. In fact, if the interviewer didn’t have much confidence, your answers might intimidate him!!

So again, the proper answer to an interview question doesn’t only depend on the situation, but it also depends on the type of interviewer you are dealing with.

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