How to Believe that Everything is Possible

  • Why do some people think that everything is possible, and why do others think they are stuck?
  • Why are there people who have healthy beliefs, and why are there ones who have false ones?
  • Why are some people so optimistic, and why are others so pessimistic?

Since the right beliefs are crucial for motivation, it’s essential that you learn how to have the right beliefs; a person who thinks that he can’t reach his goals won’t feel motivated, won’t bother trying, and so he won’t reach them.

On the other hand, the one who thinks that everything is possible will search for new ways to reach his goals, be full of motivation, and most likely reach them.

In this article, I am going to examine two different types of people and point out the differences between them. The first think that everything is possible, while the second believes that there is no way out.

By understanding the two types well, you will think the right way and believe that everything is possible.

How to believe that everything is possible

Here are the differences between the two types:

  • 1) Focusing on the past: A person who thinks that he is stuck usually considers the past an indication of the future. He uses results from the past to judge the future, and as a result, he thinks that things will never change. The one with healthy beliefs knows that the past has no connection with the future and that yesterday’s failure can’t determine today’s results.
  • 2) Attachment to the old methods: A person who believes there is no way out usually sticks to the methods that never worked, then claims that he is doing his best. The one who has correct beliefs understands that the strategy needs to be changed if results were not obtained, and that’s why he becomes flexible whenever needed
  • 3) Jumping to conclusions: People who believe there is no way to jump to conclusions fast and quickly make incorrect assumptions about life. Those with healthy beliefs don’t make wrong conclusions because they don’t judge things until they have all facts present
  • 4) Borrowing beliefs: The number of people who give up on things they never tried to achieve is huge. So many people never try just because they heard that a friend or a relative failed on that mission before. Those with healthy beliefs don’t borrow beliefs from others, and they test things themselves
  • 5) Blaming other factors: People who don’t have healthy beliefs usually find something to blame to stop working without feeling guilty. The result of that way of thinking is a self-fulfilling prophecy where a person ends up having evidence that he is a victim

How to fix your way of thinking

As you saw, the only difference between a person who thinks that the impossible is nothing and a person who thinks that he is helpless is some set of beliefs. Those beliefs promote certain habits then those habits reinforce those beliefs in a cycle that doesn’t end.

The only way to get rid of such a way of thinking is to break this cycle at any point. You can start by breaking those habits and replacing them with the correct ones mentioned above, or you can start by questioning those beliefs and changing your way of thinking.

In all cases, you can change your beliefs and way of thinking in a short period of time provided that you admit that you saw life through a negative lens.

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