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The Hidden Causes Behind Odd Human Behavior

Examples of odd behavior

  1. An adult who suffers from Bedwetting
  2. A sane person who believes aliens abducted him
  3. A person who claims that he talks to ghosts
  4. A person who gets panic attacks as soon as he gets out of his room

All of these behaviors and many more are not uncommon these days. As soon as a person develops one of these behaviors, the ones who love him usually make incorrect conclusions about his case because they aren’t fully aware of how the brain works.

When people face something that they don’t understand, they quickly rush to make conclusions based on their current knowledge base without considering that they need to get more information in some cases.

Every psychological disorder happens for a reason. The mind tries to accomplish a certain goal through that disorder, thinking that it’s doing the right thing. For example, Procrastination, or the tendency to delay important tasks, is in many cases a consequence of fear of failure.

While the person, in that case, is totally unaware of the cause of his unwanted habit, the mind considers it a part of a plan to prevent him from doing something that might harm him. After all, if he procrastinated and never tried to do anything, then he will never fail.

Now the problem with the way the mind works is that the real intention behind a certain psychological disorder will be hidden from the person himself in most cases. This is why most people always misdiagnose their friends’ disorders.

The hidden causes behind odd human behavior

While there are so many reasons a psychological disorder would develop still the following few examples will give you an excellent idea of how to look for the real root cause behind a certain disorder:

1) Attention seeking: John was never given enough attention by his parents, who always neglected his basic needs. When John grew up, he started to suffer from bedwetting. While his family thought that he needed physical treatment, the real thing was that his mind was doing so to draw their attention towards him.

2) Directing Revenge at certain people: Peter reported seeing ghosts more than once since his parents got divorced. While his parents thought he became insane, his mind showed them how horrible the divorce was. The only goal of Peter’s mind was to make the parents pay for the mistake they made

3) Raising self-esteem: After a Severe breakup that ruined her self-esteem, Sarah became extremely paranoid. She started to believe that everyone is trying to kill her and that her life is in danger. In such a case, her mind was trying to help her feel that she was an important person because the breakup made her feel worthless. After all, if everyone was trying to kill her, then she must be a significant person, right? At least her mind thinks so

4) Escaping from the truth: Stan was sexually impotent. He claimed aliens abducted him and that they did Some experiments on him. His mind was trying to reach the goal. In that case, he was to blame an external force for an imperfection that he suffered from.

Essential facts to note about psychological disorders

  • The person won’t be aware of his unconscious goals: In most cases, the person suffering from the disorder will not be aware of the reason behind his disorder else the mind’s plan will fail
  • The disorder won’t disappear before the root cause is dealt with: In the case of Sarah (example no3), she can get over that disorder by either getting back to her husband or developing self-esteem
  • The disorder can take another form: If john (example 1) were given proper treatment that prevented him from wetting his bed, the mind would use a different trick to reach the same goal (attention-seeking). John might develop another disorder as soon as this one disappears because the goal he was trying to reach is still not fulfilled.

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