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Why do you Yawn?

Body Language when bored

Many postures and gestures could signify boredom, but one of these gestures is so important to the extent that I decided to write a special article on it. This gesture is Yawning.

Why do you yawn

There are many reasons behind yawning, such as lack of attention, being tired, being overloaded by information, or being bored. What’s noticeable about these reasons is that almost all of them have got one in common, unable and unwilling to receive more information from that same source.

Just try to notice when you yawn, and you will find that:

  1. You yawn when you’re bored of studying
  2. When you receive too much information from a lecturer or a speaker
  3. When someone talks about a boring topic

I know that other reasons can make you yawn, like being sleepy, but I’m talking about the instances when you yawn despite sleeping well; in these cases, you yawn because you’re bored!!!

What Should I do when someone yawns While I’m Talking

Well, change the subject!! Whatever you are going to do, just make sure you don’t stick to the same subject.

Some people who have low self-confidence assume that they are boring as soon as someone yawns when they’re talking. It’s important not to get yawning that way; yawning means that the person wasn’t interested in the topic you are talking about and NOT in you as a person.

Many people send me emails telling me that they are sad because people think that they are boring, but when I talk with them a little more, I find that they always assume that people who yawn do it because they find them boring!

A person could yawn while looking at you while thinking about something completely unrelated to you. It might have been a coincidence that the person was looking at you while about something that made him yawn.

yawning and losing interest

In some cases, people start to yawn after they lose interest in a person. This means that after a person gets to know another one, he might yawn because of expecting no new interesting actions from him.

All people begin new relationships feeling excited, then some of them get bored due to the lack of excitement. Even in this case, you can’t say that you are a boring person because boredom happened after the initial excitement.

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