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How to Read Body Language Precisely

The research was held at the University of Pennsylvania to determine to what extent a person’s body language can affect the impression people form of him. The shocking result the research came up with is that body language was found to be more responsible for the impression people form of you than your words.

The following are the detailed findings they came up with:

  • 55 percent of the impression people form of you is based on your postures, body movements, and gestures
  • 38 percent was based on the tone of your voice (tempo and frequency).
  • Only 7 percent was based on what you say.

This means that a total of 93 percent of the impression people form of you is determined by your body language (which includes both Body gestures and voice tone), while only 7 percent is based on the words you say.

In other words, this means that if you learned how to read body language, you would be able to interpret people’s emotions with a 93% accuracy.

Why reading body language makes a lot of sense.

Lots of people find it hard to believe that reading body language can tell them about 93% of the real intentions of the people they are dealing with, but when you put in mind that there are liars, imposters, dishonest people, and people who don’t know how to express their emotions out there the results then make a lot of sense.

Let me give you another example to show you that language can be much more accurate than the words people say, depending on your body. Let’s suppose that you met a stranger who wears a horrible-looking shirt? Will you tell him about your opinion? of course not.

Most people suppress their emotions and opinions because of the rules their society forces them to follow, and that’s why their real opinion is reflected in their body language.

Based on these facts, we can conclude that learning how to read body language will give you a deeper understanding of people and will help you interpret many of the unconscious signals they send.

How to read and interpret body language

Body language researchers have succeeded in identifying a large number of feelings and their corresponding postures.

Anyone with enough information can effectively read people’s feelings through their body language. Learning how to interpret body language is not hard; you need to know the familiar postures in body language. Their associated emotional states then link them together.

Why it’s useful to read body language.

Body language is now widely used in politics, investigations (where the suspect’s body language is analyzed), sales, negotiations, and any other field where there is direct communication between people.

Body language is not only used in understanding the emotional states of others, but it can also help you leave the impression you want. For example, by using proper body language, you can appear confident even if you were anxious or afraid. You can use body language to appear more attractive to a person so that you can increase the chance of making him fall in love with you.

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