Bad Mood

How to Stop Feeling Bad About Yourself

If you are feeling bad yet can’t determine a single problem that is bothering you, there there is a great technique that you can use to find out exactly the cause for your bad mood, to feel better right away.

The advantage of this technique is that the more you miss your target using it, the more benefit it will bring you. Wondering how can this happen? Just read further.

How to Isolate the Major Problem that is Making you Feel Bad

Suppose that you were not sure if you were feeling bad because of your poor body image, of the piles of work that you need to finish, or because of your recent break-up.

In that case, you have to deal with the problems as if they were all the reasons for your bad feeling.

In other words, you should take immediate actions to solve whatever problems you can find even if you are not sure that they are the ones responsible for your bad mood.

For example, if you have the three problems I just mentioned, and you were not sure which one is the reason for your bad mood, then you have to work on them all.

The solution in such a case would be going to the gym to improve your body image, starting to work hard immediately to finish your piled work and to read a few articles about getting over breakups.

Even if the problems you fixed were not the major ones, still solving them will help you feel much better.

By finishing your accumulated work and improving your body image, the real problem (break-up in this case) will be much less painful than if all the problems were piled together.

What if you Can’t Solve your Problems Quickly?

Don’t worry; you don’t have to solve the problem to feel good permanently, but you need to start to give a signal to your mind to stop the bad feelings.

For instance, if your problem was related to a poor body image, the negative feeling will almost disappear as soon as you start to go to the gym regularly and not fix your body shape.

Your mind sends you bad emotions to motivate you to solve your problems, and as soon as it finds that you are taking action, these emotions will disappear on their own.

Trying to escape using any method can help you feel good for a short while, but your problems will accumulate and make you feel much worse in the long term.

Let’s suppose you started drinking to escape from your problems. In such a case, drinking will help you as long as you are drunk, but you will feel worse for two reasons when you get sober.

The first is that you didn’t solve your problems and delayed them even more, and the second is that you added a new problem to the list; a bad habit!

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