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How Emotional Wounds Cause Mood Swings

Why do we sometimes feel like doing something then a few moments later think that we are not in the mood?

Why do we sometimes feel that we are not in the mood to hang out or see our friends even though we were eager to do it a few moments ago?

The human mind was designed in such a way that it goes after rewards and avoids possible punishments. If, for some reason, it felt that doing a specific action will result in some pain, then it won’t feel like doing it.

Emotional wounds lead to quick mood swings.

Sam has got a self-image problem, and he sometimes feels that he is not attractive.

Sam was excited about hanging out with his friends, but while he was on his way to meet them, he met an old friend who told him that he had gained a lot of weight lately.

The critical comment Sam got reminded him of one of his emotional wounds, which is the self-image problem.

At this point, Sam didn’t feel like hanging out with his friends, and he started driving back towards his home!!

This means that if you suddenly felt bad without any apparent reason, you must look for such emotional wounds.

Emotional wounds could be one of the leading causes of depression if not dealt with. The more injuries you have, the more likely you will get depressed unless you take action to heal them.

This is why you are not in the mood

In the previous story, Sam knew why he wasn’t in the mood because both the mood change and the wound were noticeable. Still, in real life, the numerous injuries we have, prevent us from determining which situation exactly has resulted in the mood change we experienced.

It would be best to learn how to understand yourself and your emotional wounds, not to find yourself suddenly feeling bad without understanding what happened.

Events that are as simple as seeing a particular picture on your way back home can change your mood without you even noticing.

When you get this kind of understanding, you will be able to spot the events that cause a change in your mood, and you will be able to prevent them before they even happen.

Healing your emotional wounds won’t only prevent you from suddenly feeling bad, but it will also make you less vulnerable to criticism and make your life happier.

Why Denial does More Harm than Good

So many people try to deny their problems and ignore them completely.

The problem with denial is that the issue remains in the subconscious mind and then ruins the person’s mood now and then. To get over emotional pain, you need to find a permanent way to end that problem for good. Only then can recovery happen.

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