What the Word ‘Attractive’ Means According to Women

What really attracts women to men?

  • What are the things that attract women?
  • What attracts women to men?
  • How do women think?

First of all, before answering these questions, I have to remind you that past experiences, childhood experiences, the relationship with parents, and birth order can affect the criteria a woman looks for in a potential partner.

In simple words, this means that the things that attract a certain woman to men might be different than the things that attract another woman to men. However, the good news is that some universal things can attract most women to men.

In this article, I will tell you about the things that attract most women to men.

The things that attract most women to men

Women are attracted to men who:

1) Can make them feel secure: The great thing about this is that the method used won’t matter as long as the result is the same. For example, women are attracted more to tall men who have wide shoulders because, unconsciously, they make them feel secure. Now, if a short man managed to make a woman feel secure in any other way by appearing ambitious, for example, then the woman will still be attracted to him. Women want protection for themselves and their offspring, and so the man who can make them feel more secure becomes more attractive to them

2) Most women aren’t attracted to nice guys: One of the things that turn women off is being a nice guy. A nice guy is a guy who always lets the woman be in control, who sacrifices his needs and wants to make her happy and who chases her all the time. Most women consider that type of man annoying and not attractive

3) high status attracts most women: Unlike us men, women give less priority to looks and prioritize other factors such as status, wealth, popularity. One of the things that attract most women to men the most is high status. The good news is that any man can compensate for his low status by appearing ambitious. According to the woman’s calculations, that ambitious man will get high status one day.

4) Why the sense of humor attracts women? We all know that a good sense of humor is one of the things that attracts almost all women, but why is that? Apart from wanting to spend a good time with the man, a good sense of humor indicates that the person is intelligent and a risk-taker. Only intelligent people can develop words that make people laugh, and only those who dare to take risks say their jokes out loud.

5) Physical looks: Women care about looks as much as men do, but the only difference between both genders is that most women give less weight to looks when compared to other factors. Generally, women are attracted to men who have masculine faces and well-built bodies

Other things that attract women

As I said earlier, each woman is a special case, and so depending on this generalized advice can only help you up to a certain point.

Each person forms the criteria he wants to find in his potential partner based on his own personal life experiences.

Once you get to know the person even more and decode his criteria, you will easily attract him.

Know what a certain woman wants, then show her that you have these traits, and you won’t have any trouble attracting her.

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