What Attracts Women to Men?

Like men, women care about physical looks; however, the main difference between men and women is that men put a much higher weight on physical looks while women look for other factors.

A man can determine whether he likes a woman or not from the first meeting, while a woman might need some time before she can assess other factors.

In this article, I will tell you what attracts women to men physically, but before I do that, I must tell you about a common misconception that most people believe in.

Most people think that women look for a partner who is as physically attractive as her. This misconception is rooted in research that said that people look for partners with similar attraction levels.

While this research is still true, most people didn’t realize that attractiveness extends to include many other factors other than physical beauty. To put it correctly, women are attracted to men who have a similar total score to them, and the calculation of this total score includes many items other than physical looks.

So what physically attracts women to men.

Below are the things that physically attract a woman to a man:

  • Height: Women are more physically attracted to tall men than short men because this makes them feel psychologically secure. The good news is that you still have a chance to attract women even if you were not tall. Once you manage to satisfy the woman’s need for security in any other way other than your physical looks, then she will be attracted to you.
  • Shoulder’s width: Women don’t care much about guys with bulky muscles; however, they are physically attracted to men who appear more masculine. This means that relatively wide shoulders, narrow waist, and relatively muscular body make the man much more attractive.
  • Facial features that attract women: Facial features that indicate the pretense of more testosterone attracts women physically. A wide jaw, prominent check muscles, and other features that make a face more masculine attract women physically.

You can still attract women physically.

What if you had nothing of the previous things? Do you still have a chance?
Yes, the good news is that you can still attract women.

Total attractiveness is calculated based on many factors apart from physical looks such as social proof, status, familiarity, cultural factors, childhood experiences, and physical proximity.

Yes, physical attraction is important to women, but there are many other factors that you could use to compensate for your low physical attractiveness.

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