Does Similarity Correlate to Attraction?

  • What is the relationship between similarity and the theory of attraction?
  • Do likes attract? And if that’s true, then how do we get drawn to those with complementary personality traits sometimes?

These arguments may seem contradictory for the first example, but you will find that they are perfectly aligned with each other when you look deeper. I will tell you about the precise connection between similarity and the theory of attraction in this article.

The relationship between Similarity and the theory of attraction

First of all, individuals are drawn to those they are familiar with, according to all research studies. You become more familiar with him when you see someone more often and this increases the possibility of being drawn to him.

You don’t need to see someone every day, according to the attraction theory, in order for him to become familiar to you, but sometimes you may meet a person who seems familiar, even if it’s the first time you meet him.

This happens because someone who is already familiar with you, such as your father, mother, or close friend, looks similar to this person.

The theory of attraction also states that individuals are attracted to those who share similar beliefs with them and similar personality traits.

So for attraction to occur, the similarity is necessary because individuals prefer those they are familiar with over those they know nothing about.

Similarity, theory of attraction and complementary traits

While people are drawn to those who share similar beliefs and certain personality characteristics with them, they are also drawn to those who have complementary characteristics.

Let me give you an example that would make it clear that a shy girl with a good sense of humour might be attracted to a guy who also has a good sense of humour (like her) and who is confident (complementary to her shyness).

According to the theory of attraction, both similarity and complementary characteristics can be present in the same individual, so they do not contradict each other by any means.

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