How to Attract Someone

If your crush’s three best friends like you, then it is likely that your crush will eventually have the same feeling towards you.

Not because you are desirable but because she/he likes the fact that her best friends are partially attracted to you. (That is fundamental human nature)

It is essential that you do not try to focus on them or their surroundings strongly in getting closer to another person.

How do you approach your crush?

To get someone’s attention, you have to capture it first. Showing a person that you possess good traits, they lack, can make them genuinely interested in you.

First, you should attract attention by displaying your strong points one by one.

When attraction has reached a certain level, then move on to the final step, which is strengthening the attachment to your crush.

Sending the person mixed signals will confuse your crush, continuing to develop genuine interest.

At this point, you should be able to attract their attention.

Do Likes attract?

Some people believe that likes attract each other, and they support their claims with numerous studies that show that people tend to be attracted to those who are similar to them.

Others claim that opposites attract and that everyone is attracted to the characteristics they do not have.

Which point of view is accurate? How to achieve romantic harmony?

Both are correct; let me explain how.

It’s normal to want to eat food that looks familiar. After all, most people wouldn’t feel comfortable eating something that looks strange, and relationships go the same way.

People tend to like others who are similar to them because they feel more comfortable with them.

But there are negative traits that people are also attracted to.

For example, a shy good looking woman might become attracted to an intelligent similar good-looking guy (opposite trait).

People tend to like those attributes that they share.

Is there one universal standard for beauty across cultures?

In earlier cultures where food was more scarce, overweight women were more admired than slim ones—at that time, being fat means that the woman has sufficient budget to buy the expensive, scarce food.

As normal portions of food started becoming more prevalent, slim women became highly sought after by men.

Culture can influence the appearance of attractiveness, but that is not always the case.

In older days, a tan usually pointed to someone being low as it indicated that person has to work most of the time outdoors!

But now, a tan usually indicates that the person is wealthy enough to travel and get tanned.

Culture affects the perceptions of attractiveness.

There’s no doubt that culture affects the perception of beauty;

but is it the same perception of beauty worldwide?

Recent research has shown that there are slight variations in preferences among people. However, there are still universal standards that people all over the world agree on.

The modern world has allowed “western beauty standards” to be disseminated worldwide, even to many countries’ cultures.

Despite being out of reach from advanced cultural influences, isolated tribes still have their unique standards for beauty. This shows that there could be very different attractiveness measures between cultures.

Individual attractiveness preferences and cultural background

In addition to gender and features, it is also believed that each individual has his attraction standards, which are formed by their past experiences.

This is applicable if a person from certain culture is exposed to skinny women, then he can choose his preferences of thin women.

Besides biological determination, cultural preference plays an important role.

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