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What Does it Mean when a Woman Flips her Hair

The hair flipping or hair tossing gesture is one of the most popular gestures in body language. And yes, just as you heard, that gesture is a direct sign that a woman is interested in you; however, there are many important things to consider to interpret this gesture correctly.

First of all, touching the hair is different from hair flipping. A woman can touch her hair or play with it without necessarily having any attraction towards a man.

Here is exactly how the hair-flipping move is made. The woman will raise one or both hands, usually one hand, then move her fingers horizontally through her hair, starting from right above the brows, going through the hair, and reaching as far as behind the ears.

From a psychological point of view, the explanation of this unconscious move is simple. Since that woman found a man attractive, she unconsciously felt like revealing a part of her skin to that man, that is, the skin of the neck and the one around the ear.

The first thing you need to put in mind here is that this gesture is 100% unconscious. This means that it will happen without the woman realizing that she is doing anything.

In exceptional cases, a woman who knows that piece of information can send that sign to a man on purpose, but this also indicates interest.

Important facts about the hair flip

The hair flip or the hair toss is a stand-alone sign. This means that its presence can indicate the presence of interest even if no other signs were there. To confirm interest, you just have to see this sign happening more than once.

This means that if a woman did that gesture in your presence many times, then she probably finds you attractive. However, in such a case, you need to make sure that the sign was sent for you and not for another person in the room.

The woman doesn’t have to be looking at you while making a move, for she can do it just because you are walking beside her. In such a case, she will probably reveal her skin on the side that is closer to you as you pass by her. In such a case, the unconscious aim is letting you notice the skin of that side.

The absence of this sign doesn’t mean the absence of attraction.

Women usually make this gesture when the level of attraction bypasses a certain threshold. So if a woman finds you attractive, she might still not make that move.

It can happen from a distance.

This gesture is also one of the gestures that can happen from a distance. A woman could be sitting far away from you, yet her unconscious mind might be trying to attract you that way.

As long as you made sure that this signal is being sent for you, you can make sure that there is at least a certain level of interest.

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