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How to Turn Negative Energy to Positive

Unwanted emotions can sometimes be unbearable. Under their effect, people fail to enjoy the present moment, live miserable lives, and lose motivation to improve their lives.

The reason unwanted emotions affect most people is that they don’t know how to channel these emotions in the right direction correctly.

Space shuttles push against the earth with a tremendous force during their launch due to the combustion process that happens in their trunks. Now, what do you think will happen if this tremendous force was put in the wrong direction?

The shuttle might explode if it wasn’t allowed to vent this energy properly, and the same goes for you!

These evil and unwanted emotions can provide you with a tremendous motivating force that can help you get whatever you want in life, provided that you put them in the right direction.

How to turn negative emotions into a positive force

Here are a few examples that will tell you how to turn negative emotions into positive ones:

  1. Jealousy to motivation: Jealousy is one of the most powerful emotions humans experience. People who don’t know how to channel their jealousy correctly bad mouth the ones they are jealous of, criticize them, and even back-stab them. When you look at jealousy from a different angle, you will discover that it can be your ultimate motivation source. Instead of directing this tremendous force towards hating others, use it as a motivating force to help you become more successful than you are jealous of.
  2. Anxiety to Energy In a previous article, I explained how people feel anxious when they believe they are not prepared to face a specific challenge. Before taking an exam, you might feel too anxious, and this pressure can either break you or provide you with the needed energy to study more. To get over anxiety and worrying for good, you need to develop new skills to prove to your subconscious mind that you are prepared to face the challenges you face. Now nothing can provide you with more energy to learn these new skills other than the power of anxiety
  3. Nostalgia for a prosperous future: people cry on the spilled milk only when they believe they can’t buy more milk bottles. People become nostalgic when they feel their presence is not as good as their past. Now, this nostalgia can be a tremendous motivating force that pushes you into a direction that helps you make your future much better than your past
  4. Insecurity to Satisfaction: Insecurity is a compelling emotion; direct it in the wrong direction, and you will live your whole life in your comfort zone. Now put this energy in the right direction, and you will become extremely motivated to end this insecurity. Do you suffer from financial problems? Then direct your tremendous power to the path that helps you become rich. Most billionaires are the ones who felt too insecure about money during their early years. Do you believe you are not worthy? Then use this energy to do something extraordinary to prove to yourself that you are worthy.

Pressure can either result in explosions, or it can make diamonds.

People always say that pressure makes diamonds, but this is not still the case. If you didn’t find a way to direct this pressure in the right direction, then it will break you, but if you managed to use this energy properly, then you will do great things in life.

Read about the success stories of famous people who did extraordinary things, and you will discover that most of them only became who they are today because of the tremendous pressure they got subjected to.

Moral of the story: destructive emotions that are severe and intense might not be that bad after all, but instead, they might be the vehicle that takes you to greatness.

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