Reasons why People Bully Others

Why do people bully others? And what are the reasons that motivate someone to become a bully?

In a previous article, I said that any weird behavior the person develops intends to maintain his psychological balance, and bullying is no exception.

People bully others because they have a certain imbalance in their psyche that can only be fixed when they bully a powerless victim.

In this article, I will tell you the reasons why people bully others.

The Reasons Some People Become Bullies

Children who are mistreated at home start feeling insecure and inadequate, and as a result, some become bullies because this provides them with a great deal of relief.

A person might become a bully to feel worthy. By devaluing the target, the bully feels superior and so maintains his self-worth and protects his ego.

Insecurity is another big reason for bullying. Because bullies feel insecure, they try to create an illusion of being in control by bullying a weak victim.

From the outside, bullies might appear strong and in control, but most of them feel insecure, inadequate, and inferior from the inside.

Another popular reason for bullying is attention-seeking. Some people become bullies because they are desperately in need of attention, and bullying, in this case, is the only thing they can do to bring some attention to themselves.

The Reasons for Bullying Stem from One Root

The bully who needs attention feels jealous of his victim or is trying to feel superior and in control has usually become who he is because of poor parenting.

If the child didn’t get enough attention from his parents or if he felt less worthy because his younger sibling was preferred to him, then he might become a bully to fill these emotional gaps in his psyche.

The reasons for bullying differ from a case to another, but in the end, they all stem from one root, which is being abused and miss treated then feeling insecure as a result.

Just as we should help the people who are being bullied, we should also work on helping bullies because they are as much in need of help as their victims.

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