Eye Contact in Body Language

Maintaining proper eye contact during a conversation will give people the impression that you are interested in listening to them, not shy, and respecting them.

Eye contact should not be maintained 100% of the time because people may feel uncomfortable if you stared at their eyes for prolonged periods. What is meant by “Proper Eye Contact” is that it should be maintained around 70 to 80 % of the time.

Where to Look if You Are Shy

Some people have the problem of not looking others in the eye because they are not used to it. If you are one of those people, look at the positive area of eye contact represented by the triangle in the picture below.

If you looked anywhere in this area, the other person would think that you are looking into his eyes even if you were looking at his nose. :)

Eye contact and relationships

Appearing more confident can increase your chances of making someone fall in love with you. Maintaining good eye contact and keeping a straight back will ensure that you look confident, and so you will become more attractive.

Eye Contact and Authority

If you want to appear authoritative, don’t look at the area of positive eye contact; but look just above it. Looking at this area of the face will give the impression that you control the situation.

Eye contact and attraction

Most people out there know that if someone likes another person, then he will maintain eye contact with him more often.

Not only is this true, but it was found that people tend to look at the ones they like more often, even if they were standing far away from them.

A person who likes another one will try to keep him in his line of sight.

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