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Understanding the Body Language of Attraction

I have been studying body language attraction signals since I was 17. I can confidently say that body language signs are completely misunderstood by more than 90% of those who write about them.

When searching for body language attraction signs, It’s so common today to find inferior advice such as “The eyes are windows to the soul” or “If someone likes you, he will try to touch you.”

After filtering the nonsense, inferior advice, and the ones that can be concluded easily, I came up with a list of body language attraction signals for both males and females that you can use to quickly spot people who are attracted to you with high accuracy.

Body language attraction signals For men and women

  • The Line of sight: The first body language attraction signal that can easily be spotted is the person’s attempt to keep you in his line of sight. Even if he was standing far away from you, still he will do his best to align himself perfectly so that he keeps you in his line of sight.
  • Body language private distance: Have you ever noticed the distance you keep between you and a friend? That’s called the private distance, and if someone is attracted to you, he will certainly keep that distance smaller than the distance he keeps between himself and others. If you were standing in a group, then the person might be leaning towards you more than others without noticing.
  • Testing the private distance: To test the previous body language signal of attraction, you just need to let the person stand freely. Then, after he stops moving, take a step backward smoothly without letting him notice it. If he is attracted to you, then he will unconsciously move forward towards you once again to reduce the private distance.
  • Hair flip for women: This is one of the most common body language attraction signals and is very accurate. A woman will toss her hair backward, revealing a part of her neck when she sees someone she considers attractive.
  • Avoid false hair flips: When it comes to judging someone using the body language of attraction, you must use common sense. A woman might toss her hair because of the wind or because of anything else; however, If she kept repeating this body language gesture, then it’s a clear sign of attraction.
  • I am not attracted to you: Even though this is not a body language signal still is worth mentioning because it’s mighty. Sometimes the person will try to act as if he doesn’t care, but a few days later, his desire to contact you will force him to approach you. So if someone is nice on certain days and distant on other days, this is a powerful attraction sign.
  • Eye contact takes longer than usual: People who like each other were found to gaze more at each other, Thus if someone gazed at you more than he gazes at others, you could consider that a body language attraction signal.
  • Tilted head while listening to you: According to body language tilting the head a little means that the person is interested in listening to the one who is talking. This could be considered a body language attraction signal if the person tilted his head whenever he started talking.

Body language attraction signals pitfalls

Many people make these mistakes when they try to interpret body language signals, and that’s why they come up with wrong conclusions, like believing that someone likes them while he doesn’t.

  1. Making the judgment based on one body language attraction gesture: you can’t get correct results if you made your judgment based on one attraction sign. The right thing to do is collect at least four body language signals before making a judgment.
  2. Not filtering the attraction signals: The best way to make sure that the body language attraction signals done by the person are meant to you is to position yourself where no other people can be in his line of sight (as much as you can)
  3. Not using common sense: A person could be gazing at you more than usual because he likes your clothes, for example. Thus you must use common sense to filter body language attraction signals. Else you will come up with the wrong results.

Final words about body language attraction signals

You must understand that all of these body language attraction signals are unconsciously made by the person. This means that he makes them without being aware, and thus, letting him become conscious that you are monitoring him will certainly let him withdraw.

Try to act as if you noticed nothing so that the person sends more signals.

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