Bad Mood

Why is My Life so Bad?

Why is my life so bad?
Why is everything going wrong?
Why can’t i be happy?

These phrases sound familiar, right? Such bad moods attack most people every once in a while; however, those phrases are a part of their daily self-talk for some people. Some people keep complaining about their sinful lives and the hard times they are going through.

But do you know why your life is so bad?
It’s because you are doing nothing to make it so right!

This is Why Your Life is so Bad

Do you know why your life is so bad?
Before I can tell you the answer, you need to answer these questions.

  • When was the last time you took severe action to improve your life?
  • When was the last time you broke out of your comfort zone to attain a goal that can make you happy??
  • When was the last time you forgot about your shyness to improve your social life?
  • When was the last time you committed to your plans and schedules to reach your important goals?
  • If you believe that your life is so bad, you need to ask yourself that question. When was the last time I took serious action to end my problems? And when I say the word grave, I mean a heartbreaking story.

Your Life will be so Bad if you Don’t Avoid These Mistakes.

The following mistakes can ruin your life and make it so bad, make sure you avoid them:

  1. Do you take risks? When was the last time you took a significant threat to improve your life? Do you hate your job? When was the last time you decided to find a better one? Do you fear approaching people? When was the last time you became brave enough to do that to improve your life? If you don’t take risks, then certainly nothing will change, and your life will remain so bad.
  2. Do you fight back? Do you fight back your problems? or do you become indifferent whenever something bothers you. Do you escape, or do you bravely face your problems? If you run from your questions or never fight back, don’t blame anyone if your life became so bad.
  3. Are you doing something? Apart from complaining, what are you doing to improve your life? Are you taking severe steps to make it better? Are you doing something? Are you fighting fiercely? Are you learning more? Are you doing everything that you can? If you aren’t doing something then certainly your life will be so bad
  4. Are you hesitating? Are you taking one step forward then two steps backward? Are you afraid to do what you believe in? Is fear holding you back? If you gave in to fear, then certainly your life will always remain so bad

Why I wrote this post

I wrote it to tell you one thing: DO SOMETHING
Don’t tell me that you areĀ helplessĀ or that you can’t do anything about it. Just find something and do it

Do anything that you can do. Just don’t stay like that
Ask for help, seek assistance, talk to friends, pray to God or do anything just don’t sit still

If you don’t take actions, then don’t ever complain and say that your life is so bad
Just Do something

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