Bad Mood

Read This if Your Mood Does not Get Better

Why am I feeling bad?
Why isn’t my mood getting any better?

To find out the answers to these questions, let’s find out what this guy did in the past few days.

Jack was out with his friends, and while eating the apple pie he ordered, he started remembering that he had gained some weight recently. A few minutes later, a good-looking woman passed by, and when Jack saw her, he remembered the fact that he fears approaching women.

In my previous article, How to deal with mood swings, I said that our moods swing when we collect data through our senses that remind us of our unsolved problems.

But why don’t our moods get any better?

This is why your mood isn’t getting any better.

Jack went home, not feeling well, and he quickly jumped into his bed. The next morning he jumped out of his bed soon because he had a long workday. During that long workday, the stress he experienced there added a lot more to his bad mood, and so at the end of the day, he found himself feeling way worse.

Do you know what the big Mistake Jack made on that day was?
He focused on completing the urgent tasks (work in this case), and he didn’t give any time to the crucial functions (dealing with the two problems that initially bothered him!!)

People don’t feel any better because they don’t take any action! They trap themselves into cycles of work, sleep, and escape and rarely give themselves time to think about the problems that make them feel bad.

When people lose their way

Some people think about their problems a few minutes before they go to sleep, but they don’t take action! That’s why they always remain down!

The third group of people completely lose their way and start to look for superstitious means for improving their mood. Some people start doing Yoga to feel better; others start becoming spiritual, while a third group starts looking for less common mood improvement methods.

I am not by any means against these practices, but I am against using them to solve a problem that should be solved in a completely different way!

Lose weight and improve your conversation skills!!
That’s the ultimate solution to Jack’s problems. Jack did everything he can to improve his mood except the only two little things that will make him feel great!

What about you??

Are you losing your way as well??
Happiness can be achieved with a plan as simple as being 100% aware of your fundamental problems, then working on solving them.

Your mood isn’t improving because you aren’t doing anything to fix what ruined your spirit in the first place.

I know you are taking action, but your mood isn’t improving because you are taking the wrong ones!

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